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2020 Stoner's Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Another year down, another month of giving gifts to your loved ones before ringing in 2021. This year, let your gifts leave an impression with these stylish and functional gifts that every stoner can enjoy.



Why we love it -

We’re proud, productive stoners and we don’t care who knows it. Absolutely zero shame in our cannabis game. Made of sterling silver and available in two lengths, this necklace is our new everyday accessory.


Why we love it -

With an airtight vacuum seal, these jars keep your flower fresh. Like really fresh. Known for their terpene retention, if you misplace your canlock jar and find it months later (who hasn’t done this a time or two…), you won’t have to worry about dried out buds!


Why we love it -

Aside from the fact that it is truly beautiful enough to leave on a coffee table, it’s just the best bong. Smooth hits, perfect sized bowl, a mouth piece angled toward you, silicone bottom so you don’t cringe when the glass gets set down. Every piece of the experience is thoughtfully designed.

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Why we love it -

While we love cannabis, sometimes we don’t love the lingering smell and Veil has solved all our problems for that! Veil is, in our opinion, the best weed odor eliminator out there. Veil doesn’t just mask the odor, the spray breaks the odor down on a molecular level. Veil will take care of any and all odors, including sweat!


Why we love it -

Finally, a stash bag actually large enough to hold everything! Not even kidding; the session bong, canlock jar, and veil all fit in this stash bag! Rolling trays fit in this stash bag! Aside from it’s perfect size, it’s also the perfect material to keep clean.


Why we love it -

It’s no secret that when you sweat, you end up with salt running down your face and later dry skin. The Quickie Toning Spray solves that problem before it becomes a problem! Whether it’s after a smoke + sweat sesh or just to start the day, this toning spray leaves your skin feeling hydrated and renewed!


Why we love it -

Because what doesn’t it do?! The Ardent FX decarbs, infuses, and bakes! Not only that, it’s both stress and smell free. If you aren’t savvy in the kitchen but you love edibles, look no further. The Ardent FX is going to become your best friend in no time.

Zs Papers

Why we love it -

Rolling joints is truly a ritual. Every item that is a part of rolling the perfect joint matters; especially the paper. Zs Papers won’t let you down. Not only do a pack of Zs come with crutches ready to roll up, each pack has a magnetic clasp to make sure you never crunch up your papers.

Verde Rolling Tray

Why we love it -

As previously stated, rolling joints is a ritual! Having a good rolling tray helps. The abstract design and pop of color on this acrylic rolling tray simply brings a smile to your face while you’re looking down and rolling your joint. And like the stash bag, it’s also easy to clean!

Tarot Eucalyptus Cedarwood CBD Bath Magic

Why we love it -

Who doesn’t love a little bath magic? This CBD Bath Magic is exactly that. Magic. The eucalyptus cedarwood blended with CBD helps ease inflammation and muscle tension; making it a great postwork self-care sesh! Remember, taking care of our bodies means resting too.

So let's smear on CBD, smoke our bongs, eat some edibles, and have a kick-ass new year. Everyone at Stoned+Toned wishes you all a safe + healthy holiday and remember to enjoy your time with family!


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