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January Challenge: Challenger Recap

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Before I was ever introduced to Stoned+Toned, I had been using cannabis for 2 years to enhance my own workouts. After participating in a few live Zoom workouts with Morgan, I began to love her energy and how she was serving this super cool community. So when she announced a 21 Day challenge that combined 3 things I enjoy immensely - a goal, working out, and that sweet, sweet herb - I jumped on board!

The challenge was simple - workout, smoke weed, stay consistent. In addition to workouts, it included some pretty cool things:

  • a dope playlist for our Monday Walks,

  • a weekly “High Happy Hour”,

  • daily update emails from Morgan,

  • daily 4:20 check-ins,

  • Saturday Wake n Bake dance parties,

  • a private Facebook group,

  • an awesome care package,

  • a personalized “close-friends” Insta-story,

  • and even a Baked Baking Sunday Sesh where we all made chocolate chip cookies and smoked together - virtually - from all across the country!

At High Happy Hours, all of the challengers came together for our weekly smoke sesh. We laughed, we mediated, we had sweet giveaways, we chatted, and most importantly, we passed the virtual joint. It was a great way for us to check-in, present obstacles, and support each other. Each Thursday, the whole gang got on a Zoom call to smoke and sweat together with a Stoned+Toned instructor - giving us a chance to show how strong we were becoming!

I loved our group calls.

Support continued in our 21 Day Challenge Facebook group where we had open communication with the whole squad and were able to provide feedback, compassion, motivation, laughter, and a safe space to talk cannabis. It also gave us the much-needed opportunity to complain about clam-shell exercises and our sore butts after a workout led by Molly. It felt amazing working out, hanging out, and smoking up with some of the coolest gals around, even if it was virtually.

I signed up for this challenge as a way to kick start a new year, and kick start a fitness habit that had started to dwindle. I signed up to hold myself accountable and gain clarity on the collective benefits of combining cannabis and fitness. I signed up for this challenge with only myself in mind but cannabis is a communal plant and meant to be shared in sacred circles. As our group virtually cheers-ed our pipes, joints, pens, and edibles during our time together, in our very own sacred circle, it became clear to me that this journey was less about the challenge goal and more about the community I was gaining.

Moving to a new state during the pandemic last summer - I had left my friends and a lot of my family behind. It has been hard to connect to others and meet new people in this bizarre time we are in. These ladies - this challenge - brought me home. They brought me back to feeling a little bit more normal. These beautiful souls were the only other people- besides my partner and family - I was able to bring into my sacred smoke circle after a year of feeling alone. After months of uncertainty and fear - I was certain I was able to count on these women to continue to lift me higher and higher.

We were all brought to this challenge with the intention of completing a fitness goal: move your body every day for 21 days. But in some strange, “the universe has your back/twist of fate” kind of way, I now see we were brought to this challenge to be a piece of a bigger puzzle. To be a piece of an ever-evolving community of cannabis, fitness, love, and support. We were brought to this challenge to find ourselves, to find each other, and to find this community and for that, I am truly grateful. Not to mention the angel numbers! 21 days starting 1/11/21 ending 2/1/21! Do you see that?!

As Fred DeVito said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

This challenge has changed me.

When the next one arises - I’ll see you in there!

Cheers, my friends!

- Kelly


Get ready for Stoned+Toned's next challenge, starting April 12, 2021!

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