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A New Month of Founders

Happy March Stoned+Toned fam!

We've got a new workout of the week for you, a bummer of the week, and a nice treat for you all. Keep reading!

Workout of the Week!

If you visit our Workout of the Week page today, you'll see we've got Molly blasting us into our week with an energy-lifting sweat session alongside Morgan. Follow along with the workout to get your heart rate up while squatting and lunging to the beat. Don't forget, Morgan will be showing you the modifications of this workout so you can keep it light and work your way up to the full-blown Molly level. The girls are smoking the easily accessible Super Lemon Haze for this session.

Bummer dude.

As you all know, our trainer Shane lives across the pond in Amsterdam. On a week that we should have been flooding your social media with photos of Morgan and Shane practicing their moves and eating "coffee shop" space-cake, we're all still at home! Sadly, due to the current state of travel+health, our team was grounded in the US with a canceled trip to Amsterdam. So we'll just be watching a handful of Shane's workouts this week to fill the void :'(

Let the countdown begin!

This month we are opening up our monthly membership deal of 50% off! Use the code "FOUNDER10" at checkout to only pay $10 a month for the next year! What are you waiting for? Get out of the gym and into your own home to get fit! How is everyone liking the new look and feel of our website??

We have been loving all of the feedback and tags on Instagram showing us how you get Stoned+Toned. If you want to share your weed and workout saga, please DM us or tag us at @getstonedandtoned. You've got this!

Everyone stay safe, cover your mouths, and don't hoard all the toilet paper.


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