As Live As Ever

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Last month we told you to keep on eye out for new changes, well we're here and we're going full steam!

Chelsii and Morgan working out while social distancing

The world has changed and altered the way humanity stays fit. We're stuck at home alone(or not alone enough) or outside trying to stay away from others! That's why we made it a high priority with us to make live streaming work into our platform.

We are here for the community and wanted to make it possible to meet up with your friends to workout at the same time, to the same music, with the same amazing Stoned+Toned instructors you're used to. So far we have been streaming all of July, multiple times a week and show no signs of slowing down! You may have also noticed a new face; team, meet Chelsii. She's the energetic, blonde, Mom who's been helping sculpt those physiques for the past 2 weeks on our site and we couldn't be happier to have her bringing her positive vibes into our streams.

So what's a live stream like? We bring you 30 to 45-minute workouts straight from our instructor's homes. Whether we're sculpting and sweating our just flowing and stretching, you'll leave with a smile; plus there's a good chance you'll get to see a k9 cameo at any moment! All of our streams live on our website so there is never a Zoom link or Instagram profile you need to visit to watch and join in.

Live streaming isn't the only new feature we've added in the past month. Alongside live streams come the ability to join in on our workout without a Stoned+Toned membership! Now any non-user can purchase access to a live stream while it's live and can revisit it anytime after. Visit our products page to see what's available for a one-time purchase.

We are loving the response we get from our live attendees and can't wait for it to become a regular occurrence in your week! We post our video schedule on the home page of our website every week so you know you'll never miss a workout. We hope to see you in there and be sure to leave the workout a comment so we know how it made you feel!

PS: The Apple App Store may have removed our app, but if you downloaded it before the removal, it still works great! It's a surprise to us too so let's just soak it up while it's still compatible.


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