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Big Changes Coming!

Over the next couple of months, Stoned+Toned will be getting some major upgrades that we are implementing to enhance your overall workout experience with us. We’re adding some things, we’re changing others but most of all we’re keeping you in mind for bettering our website.

woman working out in front of TV

So what’s changing?

Better catalog! Our catalog has grown and we will be organizing our videos in more ways to make navigating it even easier. You’ll be able to filter by workout style as well as by trainer! We will also be including custom playlists to shape a workout that is longer than 30 minutes.

Sleek new look. With any update comes some tidying up of certain pages. With this update, our main focus will be the look and feel of the “workouts” page, the presentation of the workout of the week, and our community forum.

Better functionality. Soon you will be able to comment on videos directly! We want to keep the comments on workouts separate from the forum so that forum posts are treated more like discussions rather than reviews/recaps. The direct comment feature also helps you see what others thought about the workout right before you hit play!

So what’s new?

New accounts for users. With this big update, we will need to migrate your current account to the new system. All that means is that after the big switch you’ll have a fresh account that will need a password update. We’ll keep your same email on file but your payment information will need to be re-input to make sure your subscription remains uninterrupted. We will also have a nice surprise for all members who joined us before the new update(keep an eye on your email!).

Free trials and promotional sales. For all non-members, we will soon have a free 7-day trial to offer anyone who is still on the fence about joining. Now convincing your Aunt to try it is even easier!

WE WILL HAVE AN APP. That’s right! We are currently working on developing our own app for iOS and AppleTV! Navigate Stoned+Toned with ease with a full-blown TV and mobile app that will include a “download” feature to save workouts to your phone to use even when you’re offline! The app will go live a few weeks after our website update so stay tuned!

Our main goal in this update is to not only add the app feature but to make it even easier to use Stoned+Toned.

We can’t wait to keep sweating with you!

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