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Fundraiser + Update

Where do we begin?

Let's start by saying it feels pretty terrible to attempt to encourage people to smoke weed and workout when there are far more important things going on in the world. We had originally planned on starting a weekly challenge for all of you on June 1 but the thought of promoting anything besides the injustices going on right now makes us sick to our stomachs.

As of right now, we are postponing our challenge while we leave the airspace open for people with more important things to say. We want to use our platform to help some of these voices and have decided to use our pent up energy throwing a Zoom workout fundraiser on June 5th at 9am PST.

This online workout will be donation-based, with a recommended donation of $12 or more with 100% of proceeds going to Reclaim The Block. RTB is a coalition to demand that the city of Minneapolis divert policing and invest in more long-term alternatives for the community. Use any of the links below to donate to us or you can donate directly to the cause Right Here.

Venmo: @getstonedandtoned

(leave your email in the memo)


Donators will be given the link to our fundraiser Zoom workout to smoke and sweat their anxiety away with Chelsii and Morgan. If you donate directly to Reclaim The Block, simply screenshot your donation and we will get you the link.

To help incentivize your donation, anyone donating $20 or more is entered into a raffle. We have teamed up with some of our favorite people to give one donor an awesome prize pack.


One selected donor will receive:


We hope this can help encourage more people to donate to a great cause. Don't forget there are more causes and more ways to help out at this time when YOUR community needs you the most.

We'll see you on June 5th at 9am PST!

Don't let the donations stop here!

Black Lives Matter

George Floyd Fund

Campaign Zero


and so many more!

#blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #reclaimtheblock


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