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How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Updated: May 13

Welcome to Stoned+Toned!

If you’re reading this that means you’ve found our happy little club where we’re adding movement to our cannabis use. We have been sweating our butts off to build the first fitness community rooted in cannabis and we’re so glad you are here.

Shane + Molly

If you are simply visiting us to see what we’re all about, welcome! We love showing people our vision of what it means to be an active stoner and we hope you will join us soon! If you are here as a new subscribing member, we are so excited to bring you our unique weekly workouts and can’t wait to see your results. To start your training simply visit our Workout Library to access our entire catalog of smoke + sweat sessions. Our catalogue is always expanding and as we continue to grow each week we will add more categories as well as improved navigation so you can access your favorite classes quickly and easily.

Every Monday our Workouts page will feature a “Workout of the Week” at the top of the page. This featured workout will be our focus for the week and will have a corresponding Forum post where all members can discuss how they felt during that workout and leave tips for anyone else who will be smoking and sweating with us in the future. We anticipate our online community to be a valuable resource where users can share personal experiences as well as reach out with questions to other members or the Stoned+Toned team.

Ashlee + Verita

Another great resource that will be available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike is our blog. Stay up to date with the latest info about Stoned+Toned including in-person events and any updates about our online services. We will also be posting periodic articles pertaining to weed, workouts, and the combination of both outside the realm of our own community. Be sure to sign up for email updates so you are always ahead of the curve.

For any and all questions, please visit our FAQ area located on our About page. We try to highlight frequent questions regarding weed, health, and our online service. Our FAQ will be a lifetime work in progress so if you don’t see a question you have, don’t hesitate to submit it using the submission form right below our FAQs.

We want our users to be able to workout comfortably without wondering if their best interest isn’t our top priority. With our nation's recent “green rush”(the intense surge of cannabis businesses as legalization spreads) we understand the value of true transparency. We are very proud to say that we have built this company from the ground up with no mysterious corporation behind the curtain and a real love for weed and fitness. We are just a husband and wife and their small team creating workouts for cannabis users.

We hope you stay with us for years to come and we can’t wait to get Stoned+Toned with you!

- Morgan + Mike


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