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Ignore Our Coughing, Please

The world is staying indoors. City councils have closed restaurants, schools, gyms, and basically anywhere else you can have a gathering of people(more from the CDC). Currently, people are looking to their computers and televisions to help them proceed with their work, their health, their education, and their information not just in their free time but full-time. That means more hours of the day needed to fill stuck inside your home.

Considering all of these factors, this week Stoned+Toned will be harnessing the power of Instagram to help fill the void. We will be hosting live workouts via IG Live for you to smoke and sweat with us while you are stuck in a box, all for free! If you aren't already following us, do it now so you'll be alerted for our next workout.

Follow us on Instagram: @getstonedandtoned

We also wanted to give our current members a more personalized home workout while we are upping our streaming with invite-only group video calls! Current S+T members will get an email invite to the stream where they will be lead in a 30-min workout. You'd have the ability to ask questions whenever you have them! We will also extend this group call to any non-members who want to join for a small entrance fee. Stay tuned on our Instagram where we can get information to you the quickest.

Don't forget to help your community however you can during the next 30 days! We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and washing their hands!


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