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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hello holiday season!

How did that happen so fast? Wasn’t it just the beginning of 2019? It's the last week to holiday shop so to make shopping just a little bit easier for you, we put together the go-to products that we simply can’t live without!


Here are our top ten Stoned+Toned approved gifts for anyone and everyone. Whether they’re new to using cannabis or the long-time consumer, we’ve got something everyone in your circle will love.

CBD joints by TKO Reserve

If you’ve been following us or if you came to our launch event, it's no surprise that we think TKO’s CBD joints make the perfect gift. We visit their farm often and smoke some of the best joints we've ever had with their flower products; they know good clean weed. Whether you’re lighting up before or after a workout, you cannot go wrong with a TKO CBD joint, available to ship anywhere in the US!

The Session Pipe by Session Goods

The best pipe in the game, if you ask us. From the way it fits in your hand, to the smooth hit, to how easy it is to clean… We’ve been sold on Session’s pipe since day one. Additional perk: it comes with a silicone case, making it a breeze to take this pipe with you.

Black Bath Bomb by KushQueen

Part of working out means recovery. One of our favorite ways to take care of our body after a workout is by throwing a KushQueen bath bomb into the tub and taking a 20-minute soak. Each bath bomb comes loaded with 25mg of CBD; KushQueen does offer higher dosed bath bombs for anyone looking for a stronger effect.

Buff Cleansing Bar by Taylor+Tess

Anyone who works out multiple times in a week knows that sweat can have a variety of negative impacts on your skin. The Taylor+Tess “in the buff” cleansing bar is a must-have. The combination of CBD and charcoal will work wonders on your skin - both your face and your body!

CBD chocolate by Rosebud x Calivolve

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Let alone CBD dark chocolate?! This brilliant collab between Rosebud and Calivolve is a gift that we recommend getting for yourself as well as your friend. It’s 100 mg of CBD, which makes it wonderful for breaking a piece off here and there!

Pins and Key by Goodworth

The coolest stocking stuffers out there! These brass collector pins are the perfect addition to any proud stoner’s jacket, hat, purse, stash pouch… you name it! Also made of solid brass is their “sweet leaf” key, great for unlocking doors or leave it blank for clearing out your spent bowl!

Photo Blur by KINGDM

This CBD primer by KINGDM will not let you down. Prime those pores before your workout! Let the CBD work while you work out. This primer is what we use on film days to protect our pores for the excess makeup and sweat. Since using it, we can’t live without it!

Strain Journal by Hempsley

Everyone, and we mean everyone, needs this strain journal designed by Hempsely and 420science! It’s a wonderful tool to figure out which strains are working for you and why. Using these journals helps us keep track of what sort of high we’re experiencing, which then helps us pair strains with your weekly workout.

CBD Vape by Quill

So sleek and small! The Quill CBD vape is easy to throw in a gym bag or even keep in your pocket, and since they are disposable, there’s no need to worry about recharging or refilling! A great choice for anyone looking for a gentle intro into vaping CBD.

Stoned+Toned Membership

Last, but not least, we obviously think gifting a Stoned+Toned membership will brighten up a loved one’s holiday. We’re all looking to start our new year healthier and happier and that starts with a workout program that will make you smile while making you sweat! Pair it with any CBD products from this list and they’ll be ready to get Stoned+Toned in no time.

We hope your holidays are full of great gifts and lots of cheer. We'll still be sweating and smoking with you every Monday this month so we'll see you there!


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