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Launch Event PDX - November 7, 2019

Morgan and Molly sharing a joint
Photos by Matt Gonzalez

It’s been 2 weeks and we are still feeling the buzz over here from our first-ever Pop-Up Smoke + Sweat Sesh! We filled our space to the brim and were able to chat with friends over a smoke or a cookie before laying down our mats and moving our feet. It truly was a unique experience, one we intend to repeat in the future so keep in touch to hear when and where the next one is.


I'm sure our attendees were just as nervous as us walking into this secret warehouse under a bridge in Portland. We battled parking and construction but we all showed up and we did it with our intention set to get our bodies feeling good with a little CBD and lots of movement.

Molly and Morgan teaching in front of the class

Women laughing as they work out

With Molly at the helm of this workout, we all saw that same energy she brings to our videos at the front of the room. Her playlist is one we have put on in the car on numerous occasions after that night, Molly can pick a beat! At the last track, sweat was dripping and joints were burning and after 45 minutes we all made it to the end feeling stronger than ever! Of course, no one could use stairs the next day(ouch)!

We want to personally want to thank everyone who was involved in making this launch event a success. It was YOU that made this possible and with your support we can make these happen more frequently and build our Stoned+Toned community offline as well. Don't forget to show off your new "Squad-Up" badge on your S+T profile if you attended!

A special thanks to Quill + TKO Reserve for supplying the smokables for the event! Follow their links to get your own CBD products shipped directly to you.

Another thank you to Heidi Cakes + Pacific Daze for the great cookies and tinctures before the workout!

Thanks for sweating with us,

- Morgan + Mike


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