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CBD Day + Our Weekly Schedule

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Happy August to our Stoned+Toned family! We’ve been live streaming for over a month now and we are loving these new ways to workout and interact with each other online(no touching, please).


HCBDD! ("Happy CBD Day!")

Did you know that this Saturday is national CBD day? A day to celebrate the amazing compound found in hemp that has been springing up in any product you can imagine. Being the dessert lovers we are, we’ve teamed up with Calivolve CBD Chocolates for a morning workout this Saturday at 10 am PST. Morgan will be chowing down some CBD and leading all of you on a 30-minute workout. RSVP now from our Events page to receive the Zoom link and password. One lucky participant will be chosen in a raffle to win a Stoned+Toned membership and Calivovle's Renew CBD chocolate.

More reasons to celebrate; use code "TONED20" in Calivolves online store to get 20% off your order!

If you’ve been keeping up with our workouts you may have seen that we are now on Twitch! Stoned+Toned has now joined millions of other streamers in this fun and interactive online world. Just yesterday Morgan made our Twitch debut with a little smoke + chat followed by a 30-minute workout and of course another joint to cap the workout. Watch the recorded video here.

Streaming on Twitch allows for anyone watching to chime in to ask a question or simply partake in the conversation. Without the ability to host in-person classes, streaming here has been a refreshing jump back into human interaction! We will now be hosting a live workout every Wednesday from our Twitch page so we can all roll-up and roll-out together again. Be sure to follow us to get alerts so you can join Morgan next Wednesday and bring a little cardio into your cannabis use.

Mark you calendars for our weekly workouts, now streaming live 4 days a week!

Sunday - Nothing from us, take this time to reflect on your week

Monday - Catch our Workout of the Week on the browse page

Tuesday - Get your stretch on, live with Ashlee in our evening yoga session

Wednesday - Morning smoke session live on Twitch followed by a workout

Thursday - Get a little sweatier with Chelsii in our live evening workout

Friday - Fri-YAY! Seize the day(or just chill)

Saturday - Go extreme with Molly in our wake + bake weekend workout

You know when we’ll be here, now it’s up to you to show up and stay accountable.

We’ll see you on the mat!


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