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Stoned West Coasting

Women getting ready to get Stoned+Toned
Photo: Amy Shick

After 2 weeks of traveling up the west coast, Stoned+Toned is back home and ready to get everyone moving again! Plus big news! We not only want to get our in-person pop-up classes jump-started again, but we’re bringing you brand new workouts shot on-location in Oregon, keep reading!

This past August we decided to pack up our equipment and set up our entire studio outside... on a real working hemp farm! We teamed up with the kind people at Oregon Hemp Farmers who let us bring positive vibes to their plants with upbeat music and intense cardio. After soaking in some sun and some quality CBG, we packed up and headed into Portland to see some more of our favorite PNW trainers; we may or may not have had a quick smoke+sweat session in the street while no one was looking.

Birthday cake with a joint candle in it
Birthday treat for Morgan from Oregon Hemp Farmers

We’ll be kicking off Fall with the weekly release of our new hemp farm workouts starting the 21st of this month(Summer’s over already??). Keep an eye out for these new classes by Molly, Chelsii, and Morgan. These ladies will also be getting back online to host live classes on our website and privately on Zoom. Dates vary so keep checking our Instagram for the most up to date news, or just DM us!

“Hey Stoned+Toned, I’m tired of living online, my eyes hurt, my attention span is weakened, I miss my friends!!”

Trust when we say, US TOO! We are so ready to get back into a group setting, smoking a joint, and moving our bodies with all of you. There is something therapeutic, vital, about seeing and talking with people in person, we need it! We are planning to make that happen in a safe setting where we can all distance ourselves from each other as we workout. We will start our classes in the LA/OC area and move wherever the weed smoke blows us. If you’d like to see Morgan in your city to teach, let us know where we should consider next!


On a more serious note, our hearts go out to, not only our home state of California but to our beloved Oregon and all of the wildlife and farmland that is being affected by this year's record-breaking wildfires. If you'd like to help in any way, please visit these webpages for more information:

Stay safe out there and we'll see you online and in-person real soon!


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