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The January Challenge!

We know we know... this past year was challenging enough. So why not start 2021 with a new challenge, on your terms, and with an amazing online community?

Starting January 11th we will be hosting our very first online accountability challenge! For 3 weeks straight join Morgan online, along with guest speakers and guest trainers, to talk about bettering ourselves and staying on top of our physical and mental health. We have filled 21 days with a mixture of fitness assignments, online meetups, group Zoom smoke+sweat workouts, and giveaways! The best part is.... you're invited!

This challenge will make sure to keep you accountable in your efforts to better your health. Everyone who signs up will be added to our Private Facebook Group where we can speak freely with other stoners going through this challenge and share helpful tips. If Facebook isn't your thing we'll also be sending out daily emails with your reminders for the day plus a little motivation.

Accountability doesn't stop there. Anyone who joins will also receive a direct line to leave a text or voice message for Morgan who will be at the ready to answer questions or help you out of a slump! Participants will also receive a complimentary subscription to to access our entire library of workouts for a whole month.

We've teamed up with some awesome brands for our challenge and as a thank you to anyone who signs up for our 3-weeks of bettering yourself, we'll be sending out a self-care package directly to your front door(USA)!

We've posted our entire schedule on the event page, check it out and sign up today!

If you'd like to be the first to know about our newest events, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.


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