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What's App'ening?

In the words of Heidi Klume, “one day you’re in, the next you’re out”.

Sadly, for us, the same rules apply for the Apple App Store.

We have recently been informed that our app will be removed from the App Store due to our use of prohibited substances. This really upsets us, not only because we have been fighting these stigmas against cannabis even in legal states(both S+T and Apple are based in California, where cannabis is recreationally legal), but we know that a lot of you really liked the convenience of having that little app in your pocket.

So what does this change? Fortunately, our app was laid out like our website so browsing, saving playlists, and continuing where you left off will all act in the same way. The only real change is that those of you who use the iPhone app or the AppleTV app regularly will need to watch our workouts on a web browser from now on, whether that be from your phone or a computer. Keep reading to see how to add Stoned + Toned onto your home screen.

If you’re an Apple user, use this guide to add Stoned + Toned to your home screen as if it were an app! Take that App Store!

First, open on Safari and click the ‘Share’ icon:

Scroll down to “Add to Home Screen” and click:

Just like that, it’s back on your home screen like an app!:

We hope the rules on cannabis use in an app will begin to loosen up in the future, but until then we will continue to grow our website to make it the best for all of you, without the limits of the app store!

We’ve already got some new upgrades planned for the site to bring a personal touch to our weekly workouts so stay tuned!


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