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Stoned+Toned is a fun and energetic online workout built by cannabis users, for cannabis users.

Stoned + Toned was created when cannabis photographer, Morgan English(@ThisCannabisLife) became all too aware that people enjoyed getting high before working out but had no 420-friendly fitness community to turn to. During her time working at her local fitness club, English was able to meet trainers who not only taught in a fun and friendly way but who also felt that cannabis was changing the way they worked out. It was the underground weed-loving fitness community she was after the whole time and now we are bringing it to you!

We're the new kid in town and we love it; nothing is more exciting than being at the forefront of a movement of fitness enthusiasts using cannabis openly to not only help them get through their workout but to help recover afterward! We aren't the scientists piecing together data about THC, we are the real-life examples who are actually using weed and really feeling a difference in our physical training. We hope our community can grow and our member forums can become a wealth of information for the best ways to incorporate cannabis into your personal fitness regiment in a smart and safe way.

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Did you know....

of cannabis users  smoke  before  or  after  they  workout*

*Percentage based on 2019 study in legalized states with 67% saying they smoke both before and after working out.

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