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Stoned+Toned is a fun and energetic online fitness club built by cannabis users, for cannabis users.


Stoned + Toned was created when cannabis photographer, Morgan English(@ThisCannabisLife) became all too aware that people enjoyed getting high before working out but had no 420-friendly fitness community to turn to. During her time working at her local fitness club, English was able to meet trainers who not only taught in a fun and friendly way but who also felt that cannabis was changing the way they worked out. It was the underground weed-loving fitness community she was after the whole time and now we are bringing it to you!

We're the new kid in town and we love it; nothing is more exciting than being at the forefront of a movement of fitness enthusiasts using cannabis openly to not only help them get through their workout but to help recover afterward! We are the real-life examples of the people who are actually using weed and really feeling a difference in our physical training. We hope our community can grow and our little cannabis athletic club can become a wealth of information for the best ways to incorporate cannabis into your personal fitness regiment in a smart and safe way.

Meet the Team



Since 2016, Morgan has been making a name for herself in the cannabis industry as one of the top cannabis lifestyle photographers. Not many people know about the journey of weightloss she made after a childhood of being overweight and how it lead to her current drive for physical fitness. After noticing how cannabis was instrumental in keeping her motivated and active, Morgan started growing her network of physically active stoners until eventually starting Stoned+Toned! You can find Morgan supporting our trainers in most of our workouts while she smokes + sweats with you.

Follow Morgan on Instagram at @thiscannabislife




To say Molly has a lot of energy is an understatement. She is the Mom that never quits and will make sure you don't quit either! Molly has been a personal trainer for over a decade, specializing in dynamic athletic training based in functional movement and plyometric cardio conditioning, which basically means she's gonna make you sweat and feel great. She is excited to build a cannabis community based in movement and to help people feel connected and empowered within their own bodies and with one another.


Go directly to Molly's workouts here
Follow Molly on Instagram at @freshairmvmnt




Ashlee Langas has a long history of dance under her belt, which explains why transitioning into instructing yoga felt so right to her. Movement has always been at the core of Ashlee's career and it shows in her calm and conscious poses focused on getting our bodies to move how they are meant to. Since 2018, she has been expressing her appreciation of cannabis in the fitness world by hosting her Stoned Yoga™ classes in Los Angeles and we couldn't be happier to have her teaching here as well.

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Follow her on Instagram at @ashlee_langas




For Bree, music is a way of life; which is why you can find her sweating to the beat to all her favorite tunes, anytime online. While dancing may be what puts a smile on her face, her passion lies with instructing indoor cycling and HIIT-based workouts(with optional dance breaks, of course). She has been training in personal fitness since 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down, on or off the bike. When it's time to smoke + sweat, Bree loves to get her blood pumping with a high-energy strain like Maui Waui.

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Follow Bree on Instagram at @_breeyourself_




Chelsii has had a long history in the fitness industry, getting her start with a 10 year stretch at Lululemon. After corporate life she found her calling to be teaching others about fitness and immediately began her training in power yoga and body sculpting. She believes our body's movement deserves to be strengthened as well as celebrated; fitness should be an act of love, not punishment. You can catch Chelsii sipping down a CBD seltzer and bumpin' the 90's hip hop jams anytime she's working out online.

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Follower her on Instagram at @chelsiigregory

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Did you know....


of cannabis users  smoke  before  or  after  they  workout*

*Percentage based on 2019 study in legalized states with 67% saying they smoke both before and after working out.

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